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A unique Pump Selector specially developed for aquatic centres

Pump-Demo gives your customers instant information about pump flow, head of water, recommended hose dimension, annual cost and filter recommendations. The data is displayed visually so that any customers, not just the experts, can compare different pump models and make a choice of their own.

The Pump-demo increases sales, saves time and generates satisfied customers.

Pump.Demo runs in a pop-up window

Easy implementation

Pump-Demo works as a complement to your existing website/online store. It runs a pop-up window (se example to the right) and can be started from any of your existing web pages. You just add links to the Pump-Demo application. It's possible to pass a pump name to the system, so that it starts with a preloaded pump.

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The demo is configured with metric units and UK-Gallon)

Try the demo

Try the demo with preloaded pump model


Pump list features

If you don't want to select pumps from a long list, the Pump-Demo can recommend pumps based on your needs.

For a watercourse - enter desired watercourse width and head of water. The system then displays pumps with that capacity.

For a specific flow of water - enter desired flow and head of water. The system then displays pumps with that capacity. Combined with the filter guide this feature can recommend pumps for circulate the pond water through the filter.

If you prefer all pumps can be displayed sorted either by model or by pump capacity.


Filter recommendation guide

With the built-in filter recommendation guide you get a recommendation about needed filter size, max. fish stock and recommended pump capacity for circulation through the filter.

The filter guide can also display basic info about recommended filter models.

The calculated value for pump capacity can with just one click be used to display a list of recommended filter pumps.


Pump flow diagram

The Pump-Demo calculates the amount of water a pump will deliver based on head of water, hose dimension and hose length (hose friction considered). If you use the filter find feature, the system will also calculate friction losses in the selected pond filter.

The amount of water that the pump will deliver is displayed visually in a diagram. Both metric and imperial units are supported.

Additional features

Energy consumption index - a power efficient pump delivers a lot of water for the amount of energy it consumes. The index system reflects the relationship between power consumption and the amount of water delivered at current head of water. The index can be used to comparing the running costs of pumps.

The built-in annual cost calculator let you calculate the annual cost for pumps and other pond equipment.

Our Pond Volume Calculator can be integrated with the Pump-Demo and pass the calculated pond volume value to the filter guide.

Some feedback we have received over the years:

- We get so many compliments on the Pump-Demo... it really is great
- Pump-Demo enables us to give exact advice regarding pump performance every time
- A great tool when consulting customers over the phone
- We are really pleased with the pump demo
- It is a dream to give the customer assurance of a pump's performance.
- While on the phone, I often guide the customer who is on our website through the performance parameters on the Pump-demo.

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