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Pond Liner Calculator - imperial units

This calculators is free to use on this website (you are not allowed to copy or download the calculators without permission). The calculator is available under license for use on commercial water gardening websites.

Configured with the following pond liner sizes:
Firestone EPDM Pondgard
10 feet
15 feet
20 feet
25 feet
30 feet
35 feet
40 feet
50 feet
Generic PVC
10 feet
15 feet
20 feet
25 feet
30 feet

Step 1 - Pond size:
If you have measured the pond using a string and know what liner size you need - go direct to step two
Length: feet
Width: feet
Max. depth: feet
Step 2 - Needed liner size:
Length: feet + for edging
Width: feet + for edging
Area: sq.ft
Pondgard EPDM
Generic PVC
Underlayment 5' width
10' width
15' width
Step 3 - Liner size you have to buy:
Alternative 1:
Alternative 2:
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