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Pond pictures - water lillies and fountains

Links to water gardening websites

Below is a list of websites with free articles, tips and information about all aspects of water gardening. Use the search option above to find what you are interested in.

Aquatic Plants
Find everything you need to know about Aquatic Plants

Garden Advice
The Home of Great Gardening Experience.

Koi information
Find everything from Koi pictures on how to classify Koi, to how to buy this type of fish to its history plus much more.

Koiquest & Koi Unleashed
Koi health web site

A lot of articles about Koi health.

Malaysia Koi Club
Koi forum for Koi lovers from any part of the world.

Nishikigoi information site
The resource for keeping Nishikigoi.

Pond Articles
The Ultimate Pond Resource

Pond Expert
About designing, constructing and caring for your pond.

Practical Water Garden Solutions
A collection of garden pond keeping articles.

The Real McKoi
A beginners guide to Koi Carp and Pond Construction

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