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Free demo pond calculators

Below is a set of pond calculators that are free to use on this website. The calculators are available under license for use on commercial water gardening websites.

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Pump Selector - Pump-Demo

Pump models included in this version is (not US versions): Blagdon Torrent; Blagdon Amphibius P; Fish Mate; Oasis Universal; Laguna Max-flo; Tetra; Oase Nautilus, Aquamax, Neptun, Promax; Messner M, MP, MPF, Eco-X; Hozelock Cascade, Titan, Prima.

  • Describe your pond and get a recommendation about needed filter size, max. fish stock and needed pond turnover
  • Display pumps in a specific flow range
  • Search pump for a watercourse
  • and more...

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Unit Converter/Calculator

Flow converter: UK G.P.M, UK G.P.H, US G.P.M, US G.P.H, Litre/min., Litre/hour
Volume converter: UK Gallons, US Gallons, cu Feet, Litres, cu Metres
Length converter: yards, feet, inches, metres, centimetres, millimetres
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Liner Size Calculator

Use this calculator for computing needed pond liner size. Enter the dimensions of your garden pond and select desired overlap for edging. The calculator will recommend the pondliner width you have to buy. This demo is configured with Firestone Pondgard EPDM pond liner and a generic PVC pond liner.
Calculate needed liner size now (metric units)
Calculate needed liner size now (imperial units)

Pond Volume Calculator

When you select filter to your garden pond or when you use pond water treatment products, then you have to know the volume of the pond. With this calculator you can make a good estimation of the amount of water any garden pond contains. Be sure about the pond volume before you add any water treatment product to your garden pond. Wrong doses may harm your Koi or prevent the treatment from working.
Calculate the volume of your garden pond now

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