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Unique Pond Calculators

We develop sales support tools for water gardening. Our unique Pond Calculators are easy to use, both for experts and a less experienced users.

Our products will:

  • increase your sales
  • save you a lot of time
  • help you (and your customers) to make informed choices

Calculator overview

Our main system is a "Pump Selector" that we call Pump-Demo. It's a unique tool that will help you select the right pump for your garden pond. The system demonstrates various aspects of pond pumps. You get information about flow, lift and power consumption. If you enter head of water and hose length, the system will calculate the amount of water that the pump will deliver (hose frictions considered) and display the values in a diagram. You get a recommendation about which hose dimension you should use. Other features include recommendation for filter size and pump capacity - just enter number of plats, fish stock (Koi), sunlight and depth of pond water. Read more...

Then we have a Pond Liner Calculator that will help you calculate the size of your pond liner. The calculator will not just tell you the size of the liner you need, but also recommend which liner width you have to buy. Read more...

We also have a unique Pond Volume Calculator. This calculator contains three methods/guides for calculating the pond volume. When selecting pond filter or when using pond water treatment products you have to know the volume of the pond. This calculator will help you make a good estimation of the amount of water any garden pond contains. Be sure about the pond volume before you any water treatment product to your garden pond. Wrong doses may harm your Koi or prevent the treatment from working. Read more...

And finally we have a Unit Converter that can convert between common units of measurement. This Converter/Calculator is available as a free download. Read more...


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